Our Services

  • Validus Consulting & Services provides:
  • Client Training / Independent Living Skills Training
  • Transitional Services, Community Reintegration
  • Assistive Technology Assessments, Training & Services- plus so much more.

Our Approach

Individuals with disabilities and age-related impairments are NOT the sum total of their medical conditions and impairments; rather they are INDIVIDUALS who possess dreams, hopes, and desires for their lives.

Our Mission

Validus Consulting Services facilitates individuals by equipping them to identify and strategically move beyond existing barriers. This is accomplished through personal and systemic advocacy, independent living skills training, and the provision of related services.

Our Benefits

Those who directly benefit from the services provided by Validus are those with physical and/or cognitive impairments, young or old, the newly injured or long term impaired, those confined to their home or able to travel outside, and the community at large, i.e., EVERYONE.

  • At VALIDUS we work one-on-one with our client/participant and his/her family as appropriate.
  • Our goal is to facilitate the client/participant in maximizing his/her self-direction, self-advocacy, community engagement, and independence.
  • It is our vision for each client/participant to continue to find meaning and personal significance as they seek to experience all that life still offers them with the highest level of independence their capabilities will permit.

Through the services we provide, VALIDUS Consulting and Services is a resource helping individuals with disabilities and age related impairments to exercise their abilities to self-direct, self-advocate, engage in home and community life, and otherwise live as independently as their capabilities permit and to the degree they desire.

"It was so reassuring and calming to know that you would take care of all of the little details that needed tending to.  I so appreciate your warmth, kindness and professionalism!"


Next Steps...

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